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Solar Power

We rely on our year long experience in the area of photovoltaics to aptly consult our customers. Regardless of size, we can help meet your needs regarding your planned installation. We are also happy to supervise the maintenance and upkeep for you

Planned and implemented solar power plants with over 400 MW output in the technological leader Germany and throughout all other high yielding solar power areas of Europe.”

  • On Roof Installations

    We analyze the market for you offering planning to turn key solutions. Our competent, fast, and flexible team working together with renowned manufacturers and distributors helps our clients customize their unique PV installation to fit their exact needs. As General Contractor we take over the planning and guarantee the prompt realization of your turnkey PV installation. We are also happy to supervise maintenance and upkeep.

  • In roof solutions

    It is now possible to integrate your photovolaic installation directly into your roof. With this comes the added advantage of not only saving on building material but also reducing the risk of roof top penetration and damage.

  • Open-space installations
    From mega-solar park to small solar garden, we plan the most productive option for your space.
  • Solar canopy

    The „sun roof“ for your garage. Custom made solutions for your car and your wallet.

  • Current Projects
    Productive investment projects from Luna Invest.


Adress Book

Project Development

As a technical consultant we provide feasibility studies and technical analysis, (inspection), as well as taking care of installation planning, tendering, and quality management.


General Planning/ -Contractor

Luna Invest is a serious partner for investors providing independent consulting, professional planning, and taking over diverse administrative and bureaucratic tasks.

Fancy Globe

Turnkey and Semi-Turnkey Solutions

Ready-to-use and ready-to-deploy investment projects in Europe's highest yielding solar power areas.


O & M

As an international "Operation & Maintenance"-partner we take care of product management including monitoring and maintenance.

Home green Home


Take advantage of numerous government subsidies: Build Green! These high efficient buildings of the future have experienced a veritable boom in demand.