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Extensive experience in the area of photovoltaics with over 400 MW in the German pipeline and other European nations from our designed and constructed solar power plants. These are the numbers that distinguish our engineers and project managers from the rest. Our clients reap the benefits of this know-how.

"Planned and implemented solar power plants with more than 400 Megawatts in Germany and all other high yielding solar power areas of Europe.”

  • Overview of Luna’s Planning Services
  • Preliminary Planning (Basic Engineering)
  • Permit Planning
  • Detailed Design (Detail Engineering)
  • Consultation regarding Requests for Proposal and Assessments
  • Requirements Specifications
  • Tendering/ Offer Comparison
  • Contract Drafting




Long year experience in solar power with numerous projects ranging from 5 KWp to 500 MWp installations throughout Europe's highest yielding solar power areas.



Biomass holds enormous potential as a fuel for the worldwide production of heat and electricity. Biomass plants are not only environmentally and climate friendly, but economically advantageous


Wind Power Plants

The oldest of the renewable energies with high yields in all weather. Wind farms are classified into two categories: Onshore and Offshore. Affordable, sustainable, productive


Hydroelectric Power Plants

Water power for pure energy. Close to 88 % of the world’s renewable electrical energy comes from water power; that equals about 20 % of all electrical generation.



With the aimed purpose of creating an infrastructure for electric vehicles, we offer an ecologically minded, solar powered transport system with state of the art technology and enormous market potential.