Solar Power for Businesses

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Your energy for your production


It is not only the manufacturing industry whose increase in photovoltaic use has “gone through the roof”. Due to government subsidized fixed electric rates it is now possible to calculate your energy costs for years to come. Each business requires its own tailor fitted solution to achieve the optimal yields for the right profit.

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"It is a good feeling to invest in the future, and an even better feeling to succeed in the market while doing it."

  • Green-Image as a new business concept
  • Government subsidized rates
  • Your own energy for your own production


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Project Development

As a technical consultant we provide feasibility studies and technical analysis, (inspection), as well as taking care of installation planning, tendering, and quality management.


General Planning/ -Contractor

Luna Invest is a serious partner for investors providing independent consulting, professional planning, and taking over diverse administrative and bureaucratic tasks.

Fancy Globe

Turnkey and Semi-Turnkey Solutions

Ready-to-use and ready-to-deploy investment projects in Europe's highest yielding solar power areas.


O & M

As an international "Operation & Maintenance"-partner we take care of product management including monitoring and maintenance.

Home green Home


Take advantage of numerous government subsidies: Build Green! These high efficient buildings of the future have experienced a veritable boom in demand.